holley and sage

MTO Liberty Vita Dress or Romper

$ 109

This listing is for one Made to Order spot for a dress or romper in the Vita Tana Lawn.

Steps to complete order:

1. You must purchase this listing to order.

2. Once the listing has been purchased, please click the link below

Vita Dress/Romper Order Form

This form will allow you to select size, style, and any additional add-on items. 

If any add-on items are selected you will be sent an invoice.  Please pay any additional invoices within 48 hours as to not hold up the production of your item. 

Add-on items that require an additional invoice are:

1. Lace Collar (on Flutter Sleeve Dress and Romper and Vintage Style Basque Dress)

2. Detachable Bow (on Flutter Sleeve Dress and Romper)

3. Sizes 7 and 8



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