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Article: Introducing Essentials and Heirloom Knits!

Introducing Essentials and Heirloom Knits!

Introducing Essentials and Heirloom Knits!

I am so excited to finally tell you about what I've been up to this past year! In the coming weeks we will be adding two new ready to ship collections to H+S (and select retailers!!):

Everyday Essentials and Heirloom Knits

The birth of these two collections was the result of a sort of perfect storm of events. I had my first baby, Lavender, in February 2020 and I was finally using the products I’d been designing and researching and studying for years. Then a global pandemic caused me to take a new look at my business and assess where we were and where I wanted us to go. I had always dreamt of developing collections like these but something was always holding me back.  I decided, maybe naively, that now was a better time than ever.  Oh how I’m laughing at myself now, but it all (sort of, hopefully?) worked out in the end.


After I had Lavender in the beginning of 2020, I quickly discovered she couldn’t wear Holley + Sage wovens every day.  I mean I knew that before, but it wasn’t until I was actually dressing her (sometimes multiple times a day) that I realized how much I wanted to produce my own knit essentials collection.  An essentials collection that was ethically and sustainably made in the H+S aesthetic. We had dabbled with some essentials in the past, but it just wasn’t something I felt comfortable developing in-house with our machinery.

So I began researching where and how to produce these garments.  After MONTHS of calling and e-mailing and studying different countries and factories in the United States and overseas, I found a factory in India that aligned with our ethics and would produce small batches for us.

While researching factories and production, I came across a hand knitwear producer in Peru.  I have always dreamt of designing a few hand-knit pieces for Holley + Sage so I gave them a call just to see what they were all about.  Well I loved everything about them especially their production process that empowers small knitwear workshops in Peru.  I decided to have some samples made and the rest is history.  I'll be sharing more about them and how our heirloom knits are made in another post!

So there you have it. The birth of Holley + Sage Everyday Essentials and Heirloom Knits.  The next few months were a crazy and stressful whirlwind of finding funding, COVID timeline setbacks, learning how to work with factories overseas and learning how to wholesale and finding retailers.

I am SO THANKFUL for the three retailers who put their trust in me and H+S and decided to carry our very first wholesale collection.  I cried the day my first order came in.  It was the most amazing feeling!

The shops that will be carrying these two collections are: Boutique Little, Wild Little Fawns, and The Boys + the Babe

I cannot wait to finally share these pieces with you in the coming weeks.  I hope you love them; I hope your kids love them and I hope they are pieces that will bring joy to your lives knowing they are ethically and sustainably made. I will share more about our manufacturers in India and Peru very soon! 


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