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Article: Inside the Maker's Mind | Part 1

Inside the Maker's Mind | Part 1

Inside the Maker's Mind | Part 1

What Inspires a Holley + Sage Collection

There is a process for each and every Holley + Sage collection I design.  These are steps I learned studying Fashion Design, as well as, some added tidbits I learned while designing for Pottery Barn Kids.  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing these steps with you so you can see inside the maker's mind! 

The first, and one of my favorite steps, is INSPIRATION.  Whether it's visiting a new and exciting place or a search on Pinterest, I can find inspiration almost anywhere.  When designing a new collection I usually focus on two non-related ideas and bring them together to inspire something brand new.  I create a mood board, which is usually a collection of images I put together on the computer, print out and pin up in my studio.  I continue adding to my mood board throughout the design process. 

Below is a collection of images that inspired my latest collection

inside the makers mind

My latest collection, A/W 16, was designed while I was traveling in New York City.  My hotel was across the street from the Chrysler Building, is absolutely mesmerizing. Throughout the trip I kept finding myself drawn to the art deco architecture across the city.  I also went to see the musical, Paramour, which is set in that time period ( really great show btw ) so naturally this art deco/gatsby feel became the starting point for A/W 2016.  But it didn't stop there because my inspiration for a collection is never just one thing....

holley and sage clothing inspiration

If you happen to find yourself in New York City, you must must MUST go to the Manus x Machina exhibit at the Met.  It is absolutely stunning.  The exhibit shows the dichotomy between couture and ready-made garments as well as hand vs. machine techniques used in garment construction.  I just stood in awe at these couture pieces literally handmade by artisans.  See those two couture House of Dior gowns below? Those pearls, feather paillettes and sequins were individually sewn on one at a time!! They are literally breathtaking.  I might have to do a whole other post on this exhibit because I could go on and on.  Needless to say it definitely had a part in the inspiration for my A/W 16 collection!

house of dior gowns

Below is my final A/W 16 mood board that is currently in pinned up in my studio. As you can see I have my printed out images, along with fabric cuttings, buttons and trims, and sketches. Taking it down for the next collection is always a little heartbreaking.  

what inspires a luxury clothing collection

Next Monday I'll be sharing my next step in the process, fabrics!! 

Shop the FA16 collection!

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Amazing and beautiful — all of the inspiration pics you shared are awesome!! What a wonderful designer you are! <3

Kristina Anderson

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